The World's First Sensing Cushion

If I told you this cushion could save your back, you would probably laugh in my face.

Find out how

Do what’s best for your body based on data

Sensors embedded in the cushion detects your posture habits and helps you correct the bad habits through timely notifications

Progress isn’t linear, so we help you stay motivated

It is difficult sit right all the time, but capturing the small wins can make that journey towards better back health much easier.

Tailored exercises that target your back stress points

Everyone has unique sitting habits so prescribing a one-size-fits-all exercise simply does not make sense.

We have worked with physiotherapists so that we can put their wisdom in your pocket.

It’s extremely comfortable too

The Kuushy cushion is made up of an ultra-comfortable tri-layer memory foam, which is sure to spark joy in your day.

Loved by the people

Backed by science

  • Good posture means good back health. And Kuushy helps you improve your posture which means it will improve your back health.

    Dr Kevin Svoboda


  • What's exciting about Kuushy is that it combines Smart Sensing with AI to give you insights into the way you are sitting.

    Dr Harold Soh

    Assistant Professor, NUS

  • Kuushy has been developed by Tacniq AI, a company that specialises in robotics and state of the art sensors.

    Dr Benjamin Tee

    Assistant Professor, NUS